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Famous for being a home to the seventh wonder of the world, Agra the city of Uttar Pradesh is merely 300km from Lucknow. With tourists from across the globe coming to visit the Taj Mahal, the demand for souvenirs and other things are high. Thus, investors too feel, that now is the right time to invest in commercial property in Agra. However, the competition between local and migrant investors is no less than a tug of war, as inventory is limited and demand is endless.

Reasons to Invest in Commercial Property in Agra

There are plenteous. However, it is important to know strategic locations for investment as profit is the end goal. The city's seamless accessibility via the Yamuna expressway leads to a surge in property prices. There are medicinal, industrial, and manufacturing domains in the vicinity, leading the rise in commercial property in Agra. The city less than a 5-hour ride from the national capital is witnessing rapid development followed by income and employment growth. Thus, exploring the commercial real estate market in Agra is a way to safeguard the future financially.

1. Easy Property Purchase

The establishment of RERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority for monitoring Indian real estate came working transparently. With an individual RERA body for each state, UPRERA is the legal body in the state of Uttar Pradesh to maintain transparency in work. The monitoring of projects, assures law-abiding space ownership. Also, investors get the possession in-time along with minimum stress. With the high demand for handmade crafts and fabric, many industries are paving the way in the city. Also, the exponential business opportunities, increase demand for retail shops in Agra.

2. Stamp Tax

The scenario here is indifferent as the stamp value is distinguished in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The females have the leverage to register commercial property in Agra at 6 percent. The stamp duty charge is the same, even if two females own a property jointly. Similarly, stamp duty payable for male owners stands at 7 percent even if two male individuals jointly own a property. However, if a female owns a joint property with husband/brother/father 6.5 percent stamp duty is payable.

Thus, investing in commercial property in Agra isn't difficult.

Commercial Projects in Agra: An Insight

The city has witnessed non-stop growth since the Taj Mahal was declared one of the wonders of the world. Although, the pandemic destabilized Agra's economy, the enthusiasm of locals and tourists is balancing it. According to the property registration figures by UPRERA people bought a high number of immovable assets in the city. The unclogged connectivity via road and rail, the city is welcoming thousands of domestic and international tourists. Thus, flourishing businesses are reflected in a strong economy. With manufacturing units, the city is now emerging as a workplace. Thus, SCO property in Agra is receiving high demand.

The commercial projects in Agra is an investment with the potential to reap high profitability.

Tips to Invest in Commercial Property in Agra

There are many tips to crack the deal but a lot depends upon your price bracket when it comes to buying commercial property in Agra.

With the Yamuna expressway, Uttar Pradesh bus transport service, and rail network, reaching Agra is simple. Thus, high footfall of tourists and industries in the city, are resulting in property value rise. With more development taking place, the cost of Commercial Projects in Agra will elevate. Hence, it is ideal to invest now and yield capital appreciation when the property price escalates.

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