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Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu and the hub of numerous industries, is fast growing. The healthcare and automobile industry here erupts thousands of employment opportunities. To create a better work atmosphere, the demand for the best commercial property in Chennai is rising. This Southern city, often known as Detroit of Asia, is now becoming the epicenter for financial domain and entrepreneurs. Thus, the demand for top SCOs in Chennai is witnessing huge demand.

The upward movement in the trajectory of commercial property in Chennai attracts many savers down south. This rise hasn't been in one day. Instead, there are multiple reasons which clue this development. Here, we linearly elaborate them to offer a better understanding for you.

Real Estate Market, Commercial Projects in Chennai and Investors

Time has witnessed that the city has been dominant with healthcare professionals. The countless residents have gone abroad to excel in the field. However, their wish to stick to the roots is making the commercial space in Chennai bloom. The interest of NRIs and HNIs in the city's real estate market is notable. However, the trend in Chennai intersects with the regular choice of investors.

In the present scenario, retail shops in Chennai are the choicest investment option. The business expansion of healthcare, finance, and start-ups ask for more office space in Chennai. Interestingly, the distinguished segment of commercial projects in Chennai, including SCO space (Shops-cum-Office), is receiving an overwhelming response.

Easy FDI Norms and Commercial Property in Chennai

In the past few years, investment in India become simple by manifold. The ease in FDI norms (Foreign Direct Investment) lures foreign entities to the Indian marketplace. With numerous investment options in top commercial projects in Chennai, the city records more influx of foreign investors.

The 100% foreign direct investment in the real estate market without government approval leads to job opportunities. With flexible FDI norms, foreign investors are entering into premium commercial projects in Chennai. It let foreign players invest in the retail market swiftly.

Commercial Projects in Chennai and RoI

Unlike residential real estate, the commercial property market has a better capital value appreciation. With better professional growth aspects, the upcoming offices, retail shops, and SCO in the prime location, chance to reap gigantic returns on investment is obvious.

The income enhancement leads to a quality lifestyle and increased buying potential. Thus, there is demand for premium retail shops in Chennai. An investment in this kind of portfolio assures amplifying rental lifelong.

Commercial Projects in Chennai vs Liquid Assets: Risk Factor


Risk takers augment high profitability, but only when the decision is righteous. Putting your hard-earned money into investment to yield high returns should be taken after thorough research. The majority of Indians feel real estate is a trustworthy investment option. Thus, the demand for commercial property in Chennai is rising massively.

Steady Cashflow

High employment rates, better job opportunities, and increased purchase potential result in shoppers' high footfall. Tamil Nadu's capital city is witnessing it all. The daily massive footfall regulates cash flow endlessly. However, liquid assets can lose capital investment. Thus, investment in retail shops in Chennai garners high returns.

Lifelong Income

Unlike equity, bonds, or stock, you need not make capital investments repeatedly. Whereas, in the real estate market, a property, once purchased, will earn for you lifelong. The concept of a one-time investment with lifelong profitability lures investors to bet on properties.

Diverse Portfolios

The more, the merrier it is. With an extensive range of commercial projects in Chennai, there is liberty to invest while sticking to budgets. However, the infusion of capital value decides the profit an entity can reap from liquid assets. For example, an IPO investment seeks a minimum amount of investment. However, this is not the case with the real estate market.

Commercial Projects in Chennai and Present Scenario

The maximum hike is in the leasing activity of commercial property in Chennai. The IT industry took over half the office space in Chennai on lease. The remaining inventory is on lease by Retail, automobile, and manufacturing industries. This situation inclines global and country investors here.

This figure will continue to rise in the future. The regular incoming of global and Indian brands in different industries ask for more office space in Chennai. Many developers are putting their best foot forward in the market. While adhering to the RERA guidelines.

Hence, the possibility of positive market growth in the down south city gives high hopes to the real estate market. A wise investment decision here will reap beneficial results in the future.

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Ans: Yes. The income growth raises demand for the premium shopping experience. Thus, you can reap high profits by investing in retail shops in Chennai.

Ans: Yes. The majority of commercial projects in Chennai are RERA-approved.

Ans: Of course. Explore the market to discover the best option available in accordance to your budget requirements.

Ans: Yes. A lot of commercial projects in Chennai are near residential localities.

Ans: IT industry is leading the race, followed by healthcare and automobile industries.