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A lot of businessmen look for new commercial property in Mumbai. In the architecture sphere, the city has come a long way. It has everything, from traditional shops and offices to towering high-rise business centers. The coastal city and economic powerhouse is home to several premium high-street shopping malls. With the new-age retail shops and office spaces, the city has vast options to explore.

The luxury commercial property in Mumbai is part of South Mumbai and welcomes entrepreneurs to pitch for premium workspace. Bandra-Kurla complex is the most talked about commercial property in the city. However, there are numerous office and retail spaces to discover. What distinguishes new-age commercial property here from traditional ones is aesthetics. Unlike the regular buildings at Nariman Point, the modern concrete structures have stylish interiors and are more spacious. The change in time witnessed a generational change. In today's time, the young generation looks for a comfortable work environment.

Similarly, the shopping experience got a turnaround. The regular markets have charismatic features, but the premium retail shopping destinations lure more footfall. Shopping malls like Phoenix Market City offer shopping, dining, and leisure zones in one place. There are numerous luxury commercial properties in Mumbai for investment purposes.

Types of Commercial Property in Mumbai

Retail Outlets - It is a commercial space in Mumbai that offers shops in the new layout. The new-age designs of shops have floor-to-ceiling windows and abundant space to store inventory. With a complete glass façade, the shops become more presentable. Thus, footfall increase along with profits.

Food Court - Unlike the regular markets, the food court is compact and is on one dedicated floor. It is a new Top commercial property in Mumbai and is part of a high-street shopping destination. The food court is where multiple F&B companies operate under one roof. The ROI potential is sky-high with this type of property, as shopaholics love to bite in multi-cuisine food after shopping.

Office spaces - The new commercial property in Mumbai. It is new because workstations and interior design these days are different from what the city has been witnessing for ages. The spacious and green office spaces are in trend as they keep the atmosphere lively. Cubical desks, charging points, and Wi-Fi zones are part of new commercial property in Mumbai.

Lockable Commercial spaces in Mumbai - It can be a shop, gymnasium, grocery store, restaurant, or office. The aim is to offer a secure business zone for everyone in the city. Of course, even the traditional commercial property in Mumbai is lockable. But, the ones in today's time have digital locks. The biometric lock, face recognition, and digital passcodes make lockable office spaces more secure.

Things to Consider while Investing in Commercial Property in Mumbai

An investment in the real estate market is equal to regular cash inflow. However, there are certain things to consider while finalizing a property. Explore commercial space in Mumbai offered by reputed developers while remembering a few things.

Location Advantages - There is a pool of Best commercial property in Mumbai, but you have to bet on the one that attracts maximum eyeballs. A retail shop or food court near a residential catchment has a better possibility of successful operation. A high-street shopping mall in a strategic location lets you attract maximum buyers. The reason is the high visibility of reputed international retail brands.

Age of Property - Undoubtedly, there is an immense influx of luxury commercial property in Mumbai. A fresh property has a better life and less maintenance. An old property asks for regular maintenance, thus propelling the maintenance cost.

Rules and Regulations - There are laws and guidelines to follow for opening shops in the city. Thus, look for clear titles and documents before buying commercial property in Mumbai. There are certain taxes applicable on commercial projects in Mumbai. One must check for legal and other documents to avoid any legal issues after the property purchase.

Diverse Portfolios - Commercial real estate has witnessed expansion. Today, there are countless options, like retail outlets, kiosks, food courts, lockable office spaces, and co-working spaces. Search the best Best commercial property in Mumbai within your budget and bet on it to yield a high return on investment.

Developers and New Commercial Property in Mumbai

The City of dreams has venturing of prominent developers in the commercial real estate domain. Thus, there are ample options to explore across segment and localities. Evaluate project details and locations in depth to decide on investment. Some of the prominent developers in the city are Lodha Group, Runwal Group, Phoenix Group, and Piramal Realty.

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