10 Best Home Decor Tips for Holi 2024

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Posted on: 2024-03-21
10 Best Home Decor Tips for Holi 2024 10 Best Home Decor Tips for Holi 2024

Holi, the festival of colours is here, and surely you must be excited to embrace multi-shaded hues. With festivity fever gripping everyone, here are the best home decor tips for Holi 2024. It's time to decorate the mansion to welcome guests for a best-ever Holi party.

Continuing reading as we shed light on ways to make the residential address look unique this time.

1. Floral Toran

Decorate the main entry gate with floral toran and fresh flowers. The strings of marigolds in distinct colours like yellow, orange, and brown are available in the season. With the addition of leaves, the main entrance of your home will have a refreshing look. It is one of the best decor ideas for Holi to make the home look astonishing.

2. Rangoli

Its auspiciousness graces every celebration. Thus, draw a beautiful Rangoli design and fill it with bright colours. A Rangoli at the doorstep brings a smile to everyone's face and adds a positive aura to the atmosphere. There is nothing to worry about as, the market is flooded with stencils in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Thus, it is simple to create beautiful designs for Holi decoration.

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3. Colourful Matki

The distinguished placement of matki is one of many ways to decorate a home for Holi. Fill these earthen pots with gulal and other colours to make them look more attractive. Matki's at the entrance offers an ethnic vibe, while its placement next to the floral, adds a modern look. Also, stack them into different directions and fill them with things resembling the Holi ambiance.

A colourful Matki decor surely elevates fashion and lures guests to pose for photographs that will be memories for a lifetime.

4. Carpet and Rugs

For a perfect sync between the Holi atmosphere and home, use vibrant colours. At home, try laying the carpet in the dark or multi-colours. The same goes with rugs where matching colour with the room isn't a rigid rule around the home.

The dark colours hide stains and won't make your home decor item look dull after a wash. Thus, the addition of dark vibrant colours to the residential place is one of the ways to decorate the home for Holi.

5. Multi-coloured Cushions

Forget about the chic and elegant home decor when the #festicvalofcolours is around the corner. Enhance the beauty of the sofa set by placing cushions in vibrant colours. These days, comic print cushion covers are in fashion. Bring them home to add a fun quotient to home decor.

Thus, choose the relevant one that reflects your personality and don't let the stress of stains takeover the joy of the festive celebration.

6. Colourful Curtain

Colourful Curtain

Embrace colourful shades with the dazzling sunlight. Hang the lightweight fabric curtains in multi-colours at home to experience festive vibes. Hang bright colours together and white in between to balance the curtains. Opt out from satin or any heavy fabric as curtains tend to have colour and oil stains. After all, a party is incomplete without delicacies. Hanging colourful curtains is amongst home decor tips for Holi 2024.

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7. Floral baskets

The celebration mood brews with friends and family coming into the party. Keep flower baskets at the table, patio deck, and swimming pool, letting guests indulge in #phoolokiholi. The season brings with it a variety of flowers, hence, you have many options to pick from. The placement of flower baskets enhances the ambiance. Thus, this addition is one of the best home decor tips for Holi 2024.

8. Floral Wall

Make a wall of happiness with floral motifs designed onto it. This giant flower wall is the perfect photo point at the Holi party. The orchids, marigolds, and snake plants together create a blend of elegance this festivity season. The floral wall is the trendiest among the best ways to decorate a home for Holi.

9. Colour Splash

Hang the paper artwork in the same shape but different sizes and colours on any wall you wish to highlight. It is ideal to choose a wall with dimensions, like a lobby wall, or the wall adjoining the kitchen and living room. The positioning of paper art in a slightly non-linear format offers a classy look to Holi home decor.

10. Colourful Artistry

Hang the colourful and modern painting on the living room wall and offer an authentic look to the home. The art piece rhymes with the festival of colours and sets the mood for celebration. There are many colourful paintings available in the market. Thus, grab the one that goes well with your home decor, it is one of the best ways to decorate your home for Holi.

Try these tips to style your home for a Holi party this year and impress guests with a stunning party they have ever been to. The addition of sweets and other tempting food enhances the celebration by manifold.

Happy holi!

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