Lakshadweep - The Hottest Tourist destination in India this Year

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Posted on: 2024-01-11
Lakshadweep - The Hottest Tourist destination in India this Year Lakshadweep - The Hottest Tourist destination in India this Year

Lakshadweep has taken social media by storm, letting domestic travellers sail to the Island for vacation. The #visitlakshadweep trend is at its peak. However, another South Asian country deals with the unimpressive behavior of its people. But India now knows the beauty of secluded paradise on earth, which is also the smallest union territory of the country.

Lakshadweep's popularity contributes to the rise in the share price of companies with businesses here. The three-fold soar in the share price of tour operator company and luxury tent operator set the trajectory for growth. But, if still in doubt, here are the key things to know about Lakshadweep.

Introduction to Lakshadweep

Introduction to  Lakshadweep

Located in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep gets its name from Malayalam and Sanskrit. It means a land of thousand Islands. The dense green foliage, blue water lagoons, and white sand create a harmony of nature. It is a place with an archipelago of 36 Islands in 32 sq. km. Karavatti is the main Island followed by Agatti.

The Island has a strong sentiment to protect its culture. The ban on alcohol and beef maintains the purity of this Island. Furthermore, any non-resident of Lakshadweep needs permission from the Island administrator to buy property.

The diverse communities live in harmony here and enjoy a peaceful life. Water transport is the mainstream connectivity to the Island, while BSNL and Airtel offer uninterrupted telecommunication facilities here.

Things to Do in Lakshadweep

Things to Do in Lakshadweep


Dive deep into the heart of the Arabian Sea and spectate the maritime world loaded with distinct flowers, different species of fishes, live lagoons, and vibrant colours.

Scuba Diving

Live the Zingadi na Milegi Dobara moments with loved ones and create memories.


Put on the life jacket and swim in blue waters solo or with a companion. When in Lakshadweep, witness the bright daylight and sun downers while enjoying kayaking.


Fly against the winds at the sea and experience the bird’s life. It is one of the choicest water sports activities to perform in Lakshadweep.

Reasons that make Lakshadweep a Sea of Delightfulness

Reasons that make Lakshadweep a Sea of Delightfulness

Lakshadweep is going to be a 100% organic locale in the future. Many developments are underway to bring the plan from the table to reality.

Lakshadweep is a lagoon of 4,200 sq. km. and territorial waters of 20,000 sq. km. The coastal line of over 130 km boosts maritime business. The geographic conditions proclaim massive production of coconut and coir. The establishment of a handicraft training-cum-production center offers a 50% discount on equipment to promote the handicraft business.

The Androt one of the main Islands in Lakshadweep, will have a coir cluster to grow production and locals’ income. This Indian UT is a manufacturer of wooden and furniture-based products. Small-scale industries set up workshops and sessions to grow multiple business models.
The Island in the Arabian Sea is home to a fishery business and records 21,000+ tonnes of annual fish production.

Roadmap to Lakshadweep Bight Future

Roadmap to Lakshadweep  Bight Future

Submarine Optical Fiber Cable

PM Modi dedicated The Kochi-Lakshadweep Island submarine optical fiber connection recently. It embarks the Island city on a development path in connectivity and digital infrastructure.

The project funded by the Department of Telecommunication promises 100 times faster internet speed. The swift internet connectivity will strengthen work in telemedicine, e-governance, and educational sectors. With high-speed internet service, digital banking, digital currency usage, and digital literacy will achieve new heights of success.

Airport Advancement

The land strip extension at Karavatti Island is in its last leg and will open doors to more flights in the future. The development will increase tourism as operations of big-size airplanes will be a reality. Until now, flights form Kochi airport to Agatti and Bangaram are in operation. The new air strip at Karavatti will ease air traffic at these places. As a result, the tourism sector will boom, resulting in better income generation for the locals.

Renewable Energy

Lakshadweep is known for its natural beauty and pristine nature will grow organically. Sustainable energy solutions like the installation of solar power plants will meet power supply demand without harming nature.

Water Development Projects

Water is in abundance. But utilisation of the same for livelihood and other processing is being planned. The distillation plants and rainwater harvesting techniques will process water for multipurpose use. Thus, the Government focuses on several water projects in Lakshadweep.

Healthcare Infrastructure

The Island has several small and medium healthcare facilities, but it is time for infrastructure growth. This program includes the upgradation of primary health centers and the establishment of the multi-specialty hospital.

Holiday Stay in Lakshadweep to be Fun

Holiday Stay in Lakshadweep to be Fune

Water Villas

With more tourists coming in to witness the calming nature, the demand for hospitality operations will grow. Tata Group is wavering the flag in the hospitality industry with two projects to be launched by 2026. While maintaining sustainability and nature, the two hotels in Suheli and Kadmat are coming up.

Island Development Plan

The prevention of culture, locals, and natural habitat is the motto of this project. The Government focus on Island’s overall development without disturbing liveliness and landscape.

Connectivity Advancement

The commutation feasibility is low here in comparison to other places. Thus, ferry and seaplane services are under discussion. With the introduction of these means, connectivity between Islands will be easy. It will also offer better and quicker accessibility from the Island to the mainland.

The sustainable development with the intent to protect nature here lures investors from energy and sustainable industries. With the tourism sector soaring to new heights, the demand for power, connectivity, communications, and healthcare will rise. Lakshadweep is a magnetic bar that attracts investors from across industries to create new horizons of beachside life.

Hence, get your bag pack ready to onboard an exciting and adventurous vacation experience on the Indian map.

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