Top 3 Best Godrej Properties in Bangalore

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Posted on: 2024-06-24
Top 3 Best Godrej Properties in Bangalore Top 3 Best Godrej Properties in Bangalore

Godrej Properties is a renowned name in the real estate industry for its dedication to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. The organisation has established new standards in the real estate industry by creating multiple residential, commercial, and township projects across the nation over the years. With carefully planned developments that meet the many needs of contemporary urban dwellers, Godrej Properties has made a big impression in Bangalore, one of India's fastest-growing cities.

Overview of Godrej Properties

Since it's founding in 1990, one of India's top real estate developers has been Godrej Properties, and a division of the Godrej Group. It is the first real estate company to have ISO certification. The company is currently developing landmark projects in 12 cities across India covering over 18.58 million square metres. Godrej Properties is known to bring innovation and excellence to the real estate industry. The organisation is widely recognised for its creative endeavours, environmentally conscious methods, and client-focused philosophy. It has prioritised providing premium living spaces. With a focus on delivering high-quality living spaces, it has developed a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and township projects across major cities in India, including Bangalore.

Godrej Properties in Bangalore: Locational Advantages

Bangalore, sometimes called India's Silicon Valley, is renowned for its thriving IT sector, dynamic culture, and high standard of living. Godrej Properties in Bangalore benefits locals in a number of ways-

  • Close to IT Hubs
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Recreational Amenities
  • Green Spaces

Connectivity and Infrastructure Developments


One of the golden things that makes Godrej Properties more appealing is Bangalore's superior connectivity. Important advancements consist of:

  • Metro Network: By shortening commuting times and increasing convenience, the Namma Metro's expansion has increased connectivity throughout the city.
  • Road Networks: The city's extensive network of ring roads and major highways provides easy access to all areas of Bangalore and beyond.
  • Public Transport: All city areas are easily accessible through a well-developed public transport system that includes buses and taxis.
  • Easy Cab/Auto Availability
  • Good Schools are nearby
  • Well-maintained Roads
  • Markets at a walkable distance
  • Good Hospitals are nearby

Infrastructural Developments:

Godrej's initiatives are more appealing now that Bangalore has experienced significant infrastructural development.

  • IT and Business Parks: Bangalore's status as a worldwide technological hub has been enhanced by the construction of multiple IT and business parks.
  • Commercial Centres: Residents benefit from a number of conveniences provided by the expansion of commercial buildings, such as retail centres and business centres. Now there are many Godrej Properties for Sale in Bangalore.
  • Smart City Initiatives: As a result of Bangalore's involvement in the Smart Cities Mission, the city has seen the implementation of several urban development initiatives meant to increase sustainability and livability.

Growing Interest and Possibilities for Investment Bangalore's robust economy, expanding employment prospects, and excellent standard of life have all contributed to the city's real estate market's steady rise. Godrej Properties' strategically placed developments and solid brand recognition put them in a good position to benefit from this growth. If you are looking for the Best Godrej Projects in Bangalore, you are on the right page.

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Why Choose Godrej Properties for Your Next Investment?

Godrej Properties in Bangalore offers a strategic location with proximity to key areas and landmarks, ensuring excellent connectivity to major IT hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. The projects boast top-notch infrastructure and amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and entertainment hubs, catering to all lifestyle needs. Upcoming developments and government initiatives further enhance the investment potential, making it a smart choice. With a reputation for quality and sustainability, Godrej Properties ensures high returns and a luxurious living experience in one of India's most dynamic cities.

Top 3 Best Godrej Properties in Bangalore

1. Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat

Check out Godrej Park Retreat in Sarjapur Road, one of the upcoming under-construction housing societies in Bangalore East. The RERA registration number of this project is PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/280222/004736.

(i). Features & Amenities

The Godrej Park Retreat welcomes you to a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Homes with facilities that make every day an experience are part of its design to make sure you're always well taken care of. The project takes up 13 acres of space. Approximately 976 units are available. It consists of 8 towers. The fantastic amenities here include a little theatre, a beach volleyball court, and a clinic. Also it has-

  • Pharmacy & Clinic
  • Spa
  • Tennis Court
  • Dance/Yoga/Meditation

(ii). Price of Godrej Properties in Bangalore

This housing society has the following property options available in different configurations. Take a look at Godrej Park Retreat Floor Plans and Price List:

Configuration Size Price:
1 BHK Apartment 372 - 600 sq.ft. Rs. 65 L Onwards
2 BHK Apartment 592 - 998 sq.ft. Rs. 95 L Onwards
3 BHK Apartment 758 - 1298 sq.ft. Rs. 1.35 Cr. Onwards

(iii). Project highlights and USPs

Why should you consider Godrej Park Retreat?

  • According to Track 2 Reality Brand X Report 2019-20, Godrej Properties is the nation's leading brand.
  • 4.06 acres (1.64 hectares) of green space with more than 50 lifestyle features
  • Clubhouse (G+2), 28000 square feet, with courtyard design
  • Residences with Adaptable Floor Plans
  • There is a doctor's clinic available.
  • Walking trail for locals to use in the area Nearby dance studio facility

(iv). Location and Connectivity

  • 19 mins* drive time to Manipal Hospital
  • 11 mins* drive time to Motherhood Hospital
  • 14 mins* drive time to Central Mall Bellandur
  • 10 mins* drive time to Sarjapur Social
  • 8 mins* drive time to DPS East

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2. Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda

One of Bangalore North's newest under-construction housing complexes is Godrej Ananda in Bangalore. Godrej Ananda offers flats and studio apartments for sale. Every essential amenity and facility needed by homebuyers will be provided in this community. Godrej Ananda, brought to you by Godrej Properties, is expected to be occupied in January 2026. This housing society is one of the best addresses to own, especially within your budget, because it offers a wide choice of property possibilities at different price points. The project specifics and other pertinent information are also accessible on the state RERA portal because the society is registered under RERA.

RERA Registration Number - PRM/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/210331/004084.

(i). Features & Amenities

  • The project is spread over an area of 20.33 acres.
  • There are around 3218 units on offer.
  • Godrej Ananda Bagalur housing society has 27 floors.
Phases Status Completion Date:
Phase 1 Under Construction Jan, 2026
Soul New Launch Aug, 2028
Phase 2 Under Construction Jun, 2027

Under Construction

Godrej Ananda Bangalore North has some great amenities to offer such as Swimming Pool, Football and Business Lounge.

Why should you consider Godrej Ananda?

2 acres of open space featuring jogging tracks, gardens, and play areas elegant clubhouse featuring a rooftop garden, AV area, dance and Zumba studio, and more Adjacent to the projected motorway, the 3000 acre Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) Park Site is situated on State Highway 104. Intended to require little upkeep Joy for you and your loved ones comes naturally at Godrej Ananda. Arrive home to joy with features designed to foster a sense of healthy fulfilment.

  • Gym
  • Salon & Spa
  • Creche
  • Zumba, Yoga
  • Multipurpose Hall

(ii). Location and Connectivity

Bagalur is one of the prime locations to buy a home in Bangalore North. There are 57 residential projects in Bagalur. Some of the important landmarks near Godrej Ananda are BK Halli Road (SH 104), St. Francis School, Fiestaa Resort , etc. With important facilities available in the vicinity, Bagalur surely is a suitable place to call home.

(iii). Godrej Ananda Floor Plans and Price List

This housing society has the following property options available in different configurations. Take a look at Godrej Ananda Floor Plans and Price List:

2 BHK Apartment580 sq.ft.Rs. 74 L Onwards
3 BHK Apartment701 sq.ft.Rs. 1.04 Cr. Onwards
1 RK Studio Apartment255 sq.ft. Rs. On Request

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3. Godrej Athena

Godrej Athena

Godrej Athena is located in Kaggadasapura, one of the upcoming under-construction housing societies in Bangalore East. This society will have all basic facilities and amenities to suit homebuyer's needs and requirements. Brought to you by Godrej Properties, Godrej Athena is scheduled for possession in Jan, 2028.

RERA Registration Number - PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/090123/005605.

(i). Features & Amenities

  • The project takes up 6.52 acres of space.
  • About 330 units are available.
  • The housing complex Godrej Athena Kaggadasapura consists of 3 towers and 4 floors.
  • Some fantastic amenities available at Godrej Athena Bangalore East include a swimming pool, a pergola, and a skating rink.
  • In Kaggadasapura, John's Medical Hospital is a well-known landmark.
  • Baiyyappanahalli junction railway station, Baiyappanahalli metro station, and Satellite Bus Stand are a few of the well-liked transportation hubs that are closest to Godrej Athena. The closest metro station to this location is Baiyyappanahalli.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pergola
  • Skating Rink
  • Fountain
  • Lawn Tennis Court
  • Multipurpose Court
  • Amphitheatre
  • Toddler Pool
  • Yoga/Meditation Area
  • Pet park

(ii). Godrej Athena Floor Plans and Price List

This housing society has the following property options available in different configurations. Take a look at Godrej Athena Floor Plans and Price List:

ConfigurationSizeSize Price
3 BHK Apartment 1,103 sq.ft. Rs. 2.69 Cr onwards

(iii). Project highlights and USPs

Why should you consider Godrej Athena?

Beautifully situated in the CMD expansion near HAL airport, this project is inspired by Greco-Roman palace architecture. The 100% EV clubhouse features a temperature-controlled swimming pool, a steam room, and a sauna. There is an Allotted Space for Parking. The perfect place to unwind is the communal garden and a body of water with a fountain. It also has multipurpose fields for a range of sporting events.

So when you are looking for Best Godrej Projects in Bangalore, look no less than these properties.

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Ans:Yes definitely! Many properties by Godrej in Bangalore offer 24×7 security services.

Ans:From gym to swimming pool, from markets to yoga centres and amphitheatres, Godrej properties have got you covered.

Ans:It has many locational advantages like-

  • Easy Cab/Auto Availability
  • Good Schools are nearby
  • Well-maintained Roads
  • Markets at a walkable distance
  • Good Hospitals are nearby

Ans: Yes, all the properties by Godrej properties are RERA registered. You can check there register numbers.

Ans:You can download brochures from the website for detailed pictures and videos of the property. Later on you can schedule a site visit, by contacting us.

Ans:The top builders in Gurgaon include DLF, Godrej Properties, Tata Housing, Birla Estates, Adani Realty, Eldeco, M3M India, BPTP, ATS Infrastructure, and Suncity Projects.

Ans:These builders offer a range of properties, including luxury apartments, affordable housing, villas, commercial spaces, and integrated townships.

Ans:Yes, all properties developed by these top builders are RERA registered, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and transparency in transactions.

Ans: Yes, many of these builders have tie-ups with leading banks and financial institutions to provide home loan facilities and financing options to buyers.

Ans:Projects from these top builders typically include amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, children's play areas, landscaped gardens, and 24/7 security.