Top commercial sectors in Noida

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Posted on: 2024-06-01
Top commercial sectors in Noida Top commercial sectors in Noida

Noida is the fastest growing city in India's National Capital Region (NCR) in past 5 years in terms of economic, population and infrastructure. The city is well-known for its seamless connectivity and secured environment. It is briskly getting into pole position for business initiatives.

Noida's real estate market is booming with modern infrastructure, affordable prices, and a growing IT hub. The surge in demand for residential and commercial properties makes it among one of the top investment destinations. Rapid urbanisation and dynamic economic are helping Noida in driving its upward growth, attracting both investors and homebuyers alike.

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If someone is looking to invest in the most lucrative commercial sectors in Noida or best-in-class commercial space for personal use, these are the best. These sectors are equipped with excellent infrastructure, strategic locations, and efficient business environments are their USPs.

SECTOR 129 Noida

Sector 129, Noida is one of the most preferred commercial hub for the smart real estate investors. It is strategically located along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. It provides swift infrastructural development and exceptional connectivity.

Sector 129 is ready to cater different segment of businesses. Close-by residential options, retail establishments, green areas, and excellent public transportations are some of the advantages that this sector enjoy. The area is appealing to both employers and employees due to its location, and contemporary amenities.

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Commercial projects like Paras Avenue 129 and Gulshan One29 are iconic projects of sector 129, Noida. These projects offer exclusive retails and commercial spaces with world-class amenities and sheer conveniences.

SECTOR 153 Noida

One of the most lucrative commercial real estate location in Noida is sector 153. It is located in close proximity to the Yamuna expressway. It offers expedient access to important thoroughfares and reasonably priced commercial premises.

Also it is thoughtfully designed with designated commercial zones. Investments are surging in this sector due to new set-ups, government incentives and established IT parks. Being near prestigious universities guarantees a constant supply of young people, and being near industrial districts benefits logistics and manufacturing companies.

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A renowned business address in Noida, ACE 153 offers high-street retail stores and office spaces ideal for contemporary companies. Ace 153 is ideally situated with outstanding connectivity and offers a vibrant atmosphere for expansion. The office spaces serve professional service providers, established businesses, and start-ups, while the retail shops create a welcoming environment for presenting goods and services.

SECTOR 132 Noida

If you are looking for the top commercial real estate location in Noida, you are on the right page! Sector 132 is renowned for its luxury business and IT office spaces. It is a premium site situated along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.

Due to the area's strong infrastructure and close proximity to both Delhi and Greater Noida, there is a considerable demand for commercial space. It has many residential and recreational facilities, top-notch educational institutions, and excellent public transportation access. Its development and the upscale facilities in commercial complexes-like conference rooms, cafeterias, and gyms—are what inspire strong investor confidence.

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Wellgrow Infotech's Orion One32 is a mixed-use development located in Sector 132, Noida, that offers service apartments, retail stores, and office space. It offers one-bedroom flats with utilities including water supply, high-speed lifts, power backup and round-the-clock security. A clubhouse, food courts, running tracks, yoga spaces, and a gym are among the amenities available to residents.

SECTOR 72 Noida

Sector 72 is one of the most financially successful regions of Noida. It is centrally located. With a perfect mix of exclusive retail spaces and office spaces, this sector is destined to grow at faster pace in comparison of most of the other sectors of Noida.

Continuous infrastructural improvements and robust connectivity via metro and road networks make this sector one of the best choices for investors and commercial property seekers. The area has mixed-use developments, which blend residential and business space, and is close to restaurants, retail centres, and entertainment venues.

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M3M The Line is one of the most sought-after commercial projects of Sector 72 Noida. It is being developed by M3M India. This iconic property is a great option for companies and investors because of its eye-catching architecture, efficient layout, and first-rate amenities. To ensure high foot traffic and optimum profitability, the project includes a three-sided open layout, high visibility retail businesses, and ground floor double-height stores.

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Ans:Noida's cutting-edge infrastructure, strategic location, rapid urbanisation, and strong connectivity via expressways and metro expansions make it a prime destination for commercial investments.

Ans:Sector 129 proximity to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, excellent infrastructure, and strong corporate presence make it highly desirable.

Ans: Sector 153 offers affordable yet luxurious commercial spaces, strategic location near the Yamuna Expressway, and proximity to educational institutions and industrial districts. Projects like Ace 153 provide high-street retail stores and office spaces with modern amenities, ensuring a conducive business environment.

Ans: Sector 132's strong infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and proximity to residential and recreational facilities make it ideal for business and IT offices. Orion One32 offers mixed-use developments with comprehensive amenities, attracting investors and businesses alike.

Ans:M3M The Line offers state-of-the-art commercial spaces, making it a prime investment choice.