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Luxury Flats in Sector 152, Noida, is the true epitome of luxury living. These luxury flats redefine opulence, comfort, and convenience. This residential masterpiece is designed for those who demand nothing but the best. You can experience a life where every moment reflects your success and refined taste.

Indulge in the finest living experience at Sector 152. The residential complex has advanced security systems, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and secure access points. Welcome home to a life of sheer elegance and splendour.

The luxury flats in Sector 152 stand as an embodiment of elegance. The flats offer a range of configurations to suit your preferences, from cosy 2BHK apartments to expansive 4BHK apartments. Amid urban living, these luxury flats offer a breath of fresh air.

Demand and Growth for Luxury Flats in Sector 152, Noida

Sector 152, Noida, has witnessed a notable demand for luxury flats due to several factors. The Luxury Flats in Sector 152, Noida, by the Ace group, have a strategic location, proximity to major commercial hubs, excellent connectivity, and well-planned infrastructure. This makes it an attractive destination for homebuyers seeking luxury living. As the city's economy and job opportunities expand, the demand for premium flats is expected to rise.

The growth prospects for luxury flats in Sector 152 are promising. With the ongoing development of nearby projects like the Noida International Airport in Jewar and the expansion of corporate and IT sectors in Noida and Greater Noida, the area will likely see an influx of professionals and families seeking high-quality living spaces. This influx could drive the appreciation of property values over time, making it an appealing investment opportunity.

Luxury flats in Sector 152 Noida- Floor Plans

Luxury flats in Sector 152 Noida are designed to provide a lavish and comfortable living experience. Floor plans often cater to preferences, from spacious 2/3-bedroom apartments to opulent penthouses. Here's an overview of typical floor plans for 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK flats in Sector 152 Noida, each catering to different segments and lifestyle preferences:

a. 2BHK Flats in Sector 152 Noida

A 2BHK apartment in Sector 152 at ACE Starlit is designed for small families, couples, or individuals who value space and efficiency.

b. 3BHK Flats in Sector 152 Noida

A 3BHK apartment in Sector 152 is a versatile choice that suits medium-sized families or individuals who require extra space for various purposes.

c. 4BHK Flats in Sector 152 Noida

A 4BHK apartment in Sector 152 at ATS Picturesque Reprieves offers ample space and luxury, suitable for larger families or those wanting expansive living areas.

These floor plans are designed to provide a general idea of each apartment type's layout and space distribution. The designs may vary based on the specific developer, project, and architectural preferences. When considering a purchase, it's essential to review the detailed floor plans provided by the developer and ensure that they align with your requirements and preferences.

Amenities in Luxury Flats in Sector 152 Noida

Luxury living is complemented by world-class amenities that enhance the residents' lifestyle. Common amenities in luxury flat projects in Sector 152 could include:

How is Sector 152, Noida, for buying a home?

Buying a flat in Sector 152, Noida, presents a range of benefits for potential homeowners. The area offers a balanced blend of urban conveniences and tranquillity. Its proximity to major commercial centres ensures you're well-connected to job opportunities, shopping, dining, and entertainment hubs. Additionally, the potential for future developments like the Noida International Airport and continued infrastructure growth could lead to an appreciation of property values.

RERA Approved
Ace Starlit

Ace Starlit

by ACE

Luxury Apartments

Sector 152, Noida

1.25 Cr. onwards*

RERA Approved
ATS Picturesque Reprieves

Luxury Apartments

Sector 152, Noida

1.88 Cr onwards*


Ans: Luxury flats in Sector 152, Noida, are high-end residential properties that offer a premium living experience. These flats are designed with top-notch amenities, spacious interiors, modern features, and often located in well-connected and upscale neighbourhoods.

Ans: Luxury flats in Sector 152 generally come in various configurations, including 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK apartments, along with potential penthouse options for those seeking an even more lavish lifestyle.

Ans: These luxury flats often feature amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, landscaped gardens, sports facilities, spa, 24/7 security, smart home technology, and more, enhancing your overall living experience.

Ans: Sector 152 is strategically located with excellent connectivity to major highways, expressways, and public transportation. It's close to commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Ans: Sector 152's blend of urban amenities and serene surroundings makes it an attractive choice. Its potential for future developments like the Noida International Airport and its proximity to business districts contribute to its desirability.

Ans: Yes, luxury flats in Sector 152 often come with modern features such as modular kitchens, premium finishes, spacious balconies or terraces, smart home technology, and energy-efficient designs.

Ans: Given the area's growth prospects and the demand for upscale housing, luxury flats in Sector 152 could offer potential appreciation in property values over time, making them a promising investment opportunity.