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Agra, the city dawning hope for spreading love is investors' beloved destination. With record high sightseers coming in daily, demand for luxury new residential projects in Agra is colossal. The city with a robust road network, welcomes thousands of visitors daily. Thus, properties to accommodate people are a necessity. To meet this requirement, the locals and investors are keen to make a land purchase.

With the increase in people's footprints, the economic position of this Uttar Pradesh city is improving. From being satisfactory to considerable, residential projects in Agra came a long way. With rapid development-related infrastructure and wellness, people from nearby localities will come to the city.

Thus, there will be a massive increase in property values in the coming time.

Why Invest in New projects in Agra?

Income Tax Rebate

IT rebate, as commonly known is the biggest perk to avail by investing in new projects in Agra. An ownership of a non-liquid asset that too in the name of a female, offers tax deduction. Thus, an investor experiences a win-win situation, as he/she adds wealth to the asset, and the IT rebate also curbs the burden of payable tax amount.

Regular Income

Money is a need today, tomorrow, and always. Thus, everyone looks for a consistence source to generate it. An investment in immovable assets is a way to financially secure life. The residential inventories in new projects in Agra, call for timely rental. Thus, you can enjoy lifetime cash inflow by investing in the real estate market.

Wealth Creation

It is important not to garner high returns for yourself but for the next generation too. Any investment you make today will be inherited by your children, and the return on investment will be high for them, unlike others. Thus, an investment in new luxury property in Agra signals smart decision-making.

Reasons to Invest in New Projects in Agra

The real estate market of Agra is flourishing thanks to the overall development. Thus, there are diverse portfolios to explore, like commercial property in Agra. However, a housing property in the city, has a bigger say, thanks to the high tourist visits. However, investing in new projects in Agra is hassle-free.

1. RERA Compliance

Gone are the days, when property investment was often the synonym of mental turmoil. The incoming RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) erases shortcomings of property buying. Now, developers must register their projects with RERA, to make real estate trustworthy.

The projects with RERA certification add authenticity to projects in Agra, thus capital appreciation is on the cards.

2. Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is the fee payable against property title transfer in the city. The cost is distinguished according to the ownership status.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity to this UNESCO World Heritage city is multi-modal via rail and road transport. The robust road network of the Yamuna expressway from Delhi to the city completes the journey in 4 hours. The upcoming infrastructure development will transform the landscape of the city known for the Taj Mahal.

The Agra-Lucknow Highway, the Noida-Agra Highway, the Agra Metro rail project, and the Jewar Airport will curb travel time too. Hence, the real estate development will grow manifold here, leading to a price rise. There will be more academic institutions and healthcare establishments. The presence of employment opportunities and a disciplined lifestyle will lure more migrant professionals. It all will increase demand for luxury residential projects in Agra. Hence, an investment today at a fair price promises assured returns on investment.

RERA Approved
Ananda Phase 2 Agra

Ananda Phase 2 Agra

by Shanti Ananda

Independent Floors

80ft Rd opp Kamayani Hospital, Bhawna Estate Rd, Sikandra, Agra

22.50 lakhs onwards*

RERA Approved
Ansal Town Agra

Ansal Town Agra

by Ansal Housing


Shamshabad Road, Agra

9250 per sq. yd onwards*

RERA Approved
Luxe Paradise

Luxe Paradise

by O P Chain


Taj Nagri Phase - II, Fatehabad Road, Agra

32.5 lakhs onwards*


Ans: Some are registered while others are either waiting for RERA number allocation or are in the process of applying for obtaining an RERA number.

Ans: Discover the property market in Agra to meet residential property requirements.

Ans: The entire city is a hotspot for property investors and multiple new projects in Agra today, you can explore many options.

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Ans: Yes. The local policing system ensures a minimum chance of unpleasant incidents and keeps the city safe from mishaps.