Currently, Noida Sector 153 is a better location to buy properties.

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Posted on: 2023-05-23
Currently, Noida Sector 153 is a better location to buy properties. Currently, Noida Sector 153 is a better location to buy properties.

Noida, which is located close and connected to the nation's capital of Delhi and is famous for its beautiful green surroundings and good connectivity thanks to a vast network of roadways, flyovers, and metro rail, has developed into a place where many people consider to be their "dream destination." Property purchasers, including investors and users, from all market segments, ranging from luxury to mid-range to affordable, have been drawn to the city of Noida because it is a well-planned, integrated, and new commercial and residential project. This has been the trend for more than four decades.

The Industrial Area Development Act of 1976 led to the establishment of well-planned infrastructural facilities in Noida, which is already famous for being one of the biggest industrial townships in Asia. Noida was founded as a result of this act, and it is for this reason that it is already famed. While several sectors in Noida are appealing to property buyers, Noida Sector 153 has emerged as one of the most popular choices in recent years for a number of reasons. In addition to a number of other desirable qualities, Noida's Sector 153 offers residents the very desirable opportunity to live in close proximity to both their place of employment and their primary residence. It has made it a good place for property buyers who are trying to purchase houses that best suit their needs.

What's making Noida Sector 153 desirable as a location?

Noida is well-known for the thriving new commercial and residential projects that can be found across many different locations. However, the new desired location in all of Noida and Greater Noida is Sector 153, which is situated on the Noida expressway, which serves as the two cities' primary travel way. All of the important urban amenities, including schools, hospitals, green areas, gardens, business hubs, good medical services, banks, post offices, and shopping hubs, can be found in Noida Sector 153. These amenities also include power, water, and sewer services, as well as transportation. The Noida Authority is consistently working to build the better infrastructure required to support these amenities, and Noida Sector 153 is meant to see better growth as a result of this work. Due to its prime location and well-developed infrastructure, it has emerged as the top place for buyers who want to purchase their dream homes. This is because sector 153 has become the posh location.

The numerous big-scale development initiatives that were only recently announced by the government are another reason why Sector 153 in Noida has become such a desirable location for real estate investment. Its location in the middle of three urban and business townships, which are Noida, Greater Noida, and YEIDA, as well as its closeness to the boundary of Other NCR areas, make it an even more desirable option. The projects of the Yamuna Express Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), the Jewar International Airport, Film City, Many Big Park, Medical Facilities, and commercial Hubs, as well as the presence of a large number of multinational corporations, have realtors in urban areas anticipating that Sector 153 Noida will become an important investment opportunity in the near future.

It's a good time to invest in the properties in Noida Sector 153.

Sector 153 is home to a number of luxurious residential projects which are now under construction, with many more in the planning stages. Apartments and villas are being built by well-known builders who are capitalising on the advantageous connection and prime location offered by the area. Investors are being drawn in by the appealing offers and choices, and many investors are already noticing a spike in property prices. In addition, a number of the market's big and known builders are preparing to introduce their respective projects within the property market over the next few months.

A new hub for Commercial properties in Noida.

The idea of a new business township in Noida is brought to reality in Noida Sector 153, which has a variety of projects throughout the field of commercial, residential, and plot areas. Creating big-scale projects that results in a good increase in the number of available jobs is the goal of this varied building of business hubs, which includes information technology (IT) parks, hospitality hubs, medical facilities, special economic zones, and commercial areas.

Noida Sector 150, 151, and 152 are fast-growing areas that are located near Sector 153 on the Noida Expressway. These sectors provide a mix of residential and commercial buildings, in addition to better sporting activities, such as golf, cricket, football, and more. These areas are home to well-known real estate companies that have built a variety of luxurious projects, including high-rise residential flats, villas, and commercial buildings with world-class amenities; many of these projects have already reached possession dates. In addition, Sector 151 is also seeing an unprecedented increase in the building of residential communities and plot areas.

The easy availability of transport facilities in Sector 153 Noida.

Sector 153 is equipped to provide easy connections, which is essential for the improvement of living conditions and the growth of businesses. Sector 153, which offers direct connectivity to Delhi and availability of all forms of road transport, is located on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, which is a fast roadway. In addition, development on the previously halted Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) project has begun, making it possible to reach Haryana via a route that is easier. The Eastern Peripheral, which serves several purposes, is only a few kilometres away, and the soon-to-be-built bullet train route between Delhi and Banaras will have a stop at the neighbouring Sector 148. Additionally, the Noida Metro Aqua Line may be travelled from Sector 153 via its connection to the Sector 148 metro station.

In addition, the Jewar International Airport, which is now under construction and will provide good selling reasons because of its well-connection with Noida. As a result of all of these aspects, Sector 153 is a better alternative for individuals who are interested in either investing in properties or living in a residential society that has good transport connections.


Taking into account all of these factors, Sector 153 is a new important area for buyers looking to purchase either commercial or residential property. One of the reasons is that there are now many luxurious apartments and commercial properties available for sale at prices that are really attractive which further increases the likelihood that customers will earn a profit from their purchases. Investing in this real estate market is a good decision that has the potential to provide better profits in the future due to its good locations and fantastic connections.