How to convert Acre to square metre?

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Posted on: 2024-04-06
How to convert Acre to square metre? How to convert Acre to square metre?

Understanding measures is critical in the real estate and land management industries. One of the most typical conversions made is acres to square metres (sqm). While acres may conjure up ideas of wide fields and enormous estates, square metres conjure up images of precision and thorough planning.

However, the transition between the two does not have to be difficult. Let's get started and clear up any confusion about the conversion procedure.


First, let's define what each unit represents. An acre is a unit of area that is widely used in the United States and other nations. It is described as a piece of land one furlong (660 feet) long and one chain (66 feet) broad.

On the other hand, the square metre is the SI unit of area, widely used across the globe. It's the area of a square with sides that are each one meter long.

To know how many acre in a square metre

General Conversions from Acre to Square Meter are as follows:

Acre Square Meter (Sqm)
1 acre in sqm 4046.86
2 Acre to Square Meter 8093.72
3 Acre to Square Meter 12140.58
4 Acre to Square Meter 16187.44
5 Acre to Square Meter 20234.301
6 Acre to Square Meter 24281.161
7 Acre to Square Meter 28328.021
8 Acre to Square Meter 32374.881
9 Acre to Square Meter 36421.741
10 Acre to Square Meter 40468.601


How to convert an acre to a square metre?

Converting an acre to a square metre is simple and straightforward.

To convert acres to square metres, we must use a simple conversion factor. An acre is equivalent to approximately 4046.86 square metres. Now, let us put this into a formula:

Square metres are equivalent to acres multiplied by 4046.86.

Practical Examples:

To demonstrate how this method can be used, consider these real-world instances.

Example 1: Suppose you own a 5-acre area of land. To calculate its area in square metres, multiply 5 by 4046.86, which yields roughly 20,234.3 square metres.

Example 2: If you're dealing with a lesser area, say half an acre, the computation becomes 0.5 multiplied by 4046.86, which is around 2023.43 square metres.

Here are some popular conversions related to 1 acre

Acre Square Meter (Sqm)
1 acre 4046.86 sq metre
1 acre 6272640 inches
1 acre 0.00405 sq kilometre
1 acre 4886.92 sq yard
1 acre 40468564.2 sq centimetre
1 acre 1.62 bigha
1 acre 4046856422.4 sq m

Acre to Square Metre Formula and Example

The Acre to Square Metre conversion formula is straightforward. It may be done using the following formula:-

m2 = acre x 4046.860107422.

Here are some acre to square metre conversion examples.

Acre Square Meter (Sqm)
10 Acre is equal to 10* 4046.860 40468.601 Square Meter
20 Acre is equal to 20* 4046.860 80937.202 Square Meter
50 Acre is equal to 50* 4046.860 202343.005 Square Meter
75 Acre is equal to 75* 4046.860 303514.508 Square Meter
100 Acre is equal to 100* 4046.860 404686.011 Square Meter
1000 Acre is equal to 1000* 4046.8604046860.107 Square Meter

Understanding The Significance

Understanding the impact of these changes is critical, particularly in industries like agriculture, urban planning, and real estate. For example, when building a home complex, knowing the exact area in square metres enables for more accurate allocation of space and resources. Similarly, in agriculture, understanding land area in square metres assists farmers in optimising crop yields and irrigation.


An acre is a typical land measurement unit. It is the world's oldest unit for measuring enormous swaths of land, and it has undergone numerous alterations over the years. An acre is sometimes defined as an area measuring one furlong by four rods.

Here are some interesting statistics about acres:

  • One acre equals 1/640, or approximately 0.0015625 square miles.
  • It equates to approximately 4,840 rectangular yards.
  • It is also the same as 43,560 rectangular feet.
  • An acre is equivalent to 4,047 square metres or 0.4047 hectares.

Although yard definitions vary, all modern acreages might contain 4,840 square yards. As a result, the exact acre size may vary depending on the yard on which it is based. An international or worldwide acre equals 0.40468564224.

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Did you know that the term "acre" comes from the Old English word aecer, which means "open field" and was commonly used to indicate deserted land? Historically, it was written "acre," and it was related to the Latin word "ager," which means "field."

According to the Act of the Composition of Yards and Perches, which dates back to 1300, an acre is approximately 40 perches or rods in length and four perches in breadth. As a general rule, it was 220 yards by 22 yards.

The acre was defined as the quantity of ground that could be tilled in one day by a yoke of oxen, or eight oxen. It normally ranged from 3,632 to 9,725 rectangular metres.


Acre Square Feet (SqFt)
1 Acre 43,560 square feet
1 Acre 4,047 square meters
1 Acre 0.4047 hectares
1 Acre 4,840 square yards
1 Acre 1/640th of a square mile


A square metre is a unit of area measurement that is extensively used around the world to assess two-dimensional areas such as a ground or floor. It is widely recognised as the standard international unit of area measurement. A square metre, often known as sq.m. or M2, is a measurement unit of area equal to one metre on each side.

When measuring attributes, the area is equal to the square of the linear dimension. It should be properly documented. When the linear dimensions are quadrupled, the areas become four times larger.

For example, the NBA basketball court measures 436.644288 square metres.

The History of Square Metres

The metre was first defined in 1793 as the one-ten-millionth number for the distance between the Equator and the North Pole along a wide circle. In 1799, a working prototype metre bar was introduced, redefining the square metre once more.

In the case of Krypton-86, the metre was re-defined in 1960 using the path length of light in a vacuum for a specific emission line. The present definition was devised in 1983 and considerably modified in 2002 to clarify that the metre refers to real length measurement.

The term metre is derived from the word 'Metron,' which signifies measure. In 1675, a scholar named Tito Livio Burattini standardised the length of the pendulum by designating it a 'Metre.' However, it was shortly realised that the size of the seconds' pendulum varies by country, therefore this notion was abandoned.

The Conference Generale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM) proposed a revised definition in 1983, which has since gained widespread acceptance. People in diverse countries follow the same meaning.

We must use ordinary square metres for conversion requirements. To convert an acre to a square metre, keep in mind that 1 square metre equals 0.000247105 acres. Acre is presently used in a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom (U.K.), the United States (US), India, Ghana, Canada, and many others.

Metre is defined as a single square with edges of one metre. A square metre is used to determine the placement of rooms, plots and houses. One acre equals 4046.856 sqm, while one square metre is equivalent to 0.000247105 acre.

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Acre Square Meter (Sqm)
1 square metre 1.20 sq yd
1 square metre10.76 sq ft
1 square metre0.00024710882acre
1 square metre0.0001 Hectare
1 square metre0.00041668402Ground
1 square metre0.0004 Bigha


Bridging the Measurement Worlds

Finally, while the acre and square metre represent different measuring systems and historical contexts, they can be converted easily. Whether you're a real estate agent, farmer, or city planner, mastering this conversion allows for more efficient land management and development.

So, the next time you need to convert acres to square metres, remember the easy method and the importance of the numbers. Bridging the gap between these measuring realms empowers you to realise the full potential of land utilisation and management.


Ans:1 Square Yard = 8.999999519 Square Feet.

Ans:1 Square Feet = 0.11111112 Square Yard.

Ans:The globally accepted land measurement units are Square feet (sq ft), Square yard, Square meter (sq m), Acre, and Hectare.

Ans: 10 Square Yard = 89.99999519 Square Feet.

Ans: 100 Square Yard = 899.9999519 Square Feet.

Ans:1 Acre = 4046.860107422 Square Meter.

Ans:There are approximately 4046.86 square metres in 1 acre.

Ans:Globally accepted land measurement units include:
Acre: Commonly used in the United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries.
Hectare: Widely used internationally, especially in countries that have adopted the metric system.
Square Metre: The standard unit of area in the International System of Units (SI), used worldwide for smaller land areas.

Ans: 1 acre is equal to 4046.86 square metres.

Ans:10 acres is equal to 40468.6 square metres.

Ans:100 acres is equal to 404686 square metres.

Ans:1 acre is equal to 4046.86 square metres

Ans:The symbol of Gaj is gaj.

Ans:The symbol of Square Feet is ft2.

Ans:1 Gaj = Square foot x 0.11

Ans: One square foot is equivalent to 0.1111111111 Gaj.

Ans:Square foot is bigger than Gaj. It is a unit of area measurement in the imperial system.

Ans:Gaj is a unit of area measurement commonly used in India, particularly in real estate transactions. It is equivalent to 9 square feet.

Ans:No, gaj and square yard are essentially the same measurement. In some regions, the term "gaj" is more commonly used, while in others, "square yard" is the preferred terminology. Both represent an area of 9 square feet.

Ans:One Square Meter is equal to 1.2 Gaj.

Ans:The symbol of Square Meter is M2
1 Square Meter = 1 m2

Ans:Square Meter is bigger unit than Gaj.
1 Square Meter = 1.2 Gaj

Ans: The symbol of Gaj is gaj.

Ans:Due to international acceptance for are measurement, Square Meter is more popular unit and it is used universally for are measurement.