NOIDA is still a hotspot for Real Estate in NCR.

Courtesy: By Star Estate
Posted on: 2023-02-08
NOIDA is still a hotspot for Real Estate in NCR. NOIDA is still a hotspot for Real Estate in NCR.

The Noida Authority's recent plan to create New Noida has caused a huge stir in the NCR real estate community. New Noida's development is based on keeping-in the long-term planning. A very long-term perspective of the growth of the entire region is taken into consideration in its vision. Noida needed to expand its limits and introduce new areas to satisfy people's desires because it anticipated that it would attain its full potential in the following 10 years.

This is expected what New Noida hopes to do, and it is thought to be a game-changer with the power to modify the region altogether. This would restore the region's prominence, which it had previously had but had been steadily losing to newer places like Yamuna Expressway.

It is anticipated that New Noida will cover 20,000 hectares. Initial reports indicate that a sizeable portion of the city has been set aside for industry. New Noida's planning would include lessons learned from prior projects like Noida and Greater Noida. It will undoubtedly be a top-notch location with lots of potential for residential and commercial growth.

The planners have also proactively through a detailed analysis of the Noida region's urban planning with a focus on its flaws. With this in mind, it is anticipated that New Noida will be devoid of these gaps. Another issue that has undergone extensive study is encroachment, and New Noida is anticipated to leave no place for such a plague. Industry observers predict that construction on New Noida will start around 2041.

A smart city has been planned for New Noida. The creation of the Noida Master Plan 2041 is said to rely heavily on the satellite-based Geographic Information System (GIS). The investors would be able to remotely acquire data on the zones and sector plots in New Noida, thanks to GIS. With the aid of the internet, both developers and investors will be able to find the plot, along with its present state, as well as its area, distance from the road, width, connectivity of the water and sewer lines around the property, green belt, and position of the park.

The creation of New Noida by the Noida Authority and the Uttar Pradesh government came at a time when the development of the Noida region was being overshadowed by the growth of the Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, and New Gurugram. Due to its close proximity to the future Jewar International Airport and the fact that it is new construction, it has a distinct edge that few others do. The future of real estate lies in New Noida.