Top 10 International Destinations To Celebrate New Year

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Posted on: 2023-12-29
Top 10 International Destinations To Celebrate New Year Top 10 International Destinations To Celebrate New Year

The year-end is around the corner, and humming 'Every Ending is a New Beginning' by Joep Beving, a famous Dutch composer and pianist, isn't enough. Instead, take your backpack and travel across iconic international destinations to celebrate New Year.

While on boarding the New Year, explore the landmark places of Rome and Greece which narrate their rich culture. Catch the first flight to popular world destinations with loved ones and leap into another year of hope.

Here are the best international destinations to visit this New Year and ring celebration in style.

1. Vatican City, Rome

Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the famous tourist spots in Rome to explore. Witness the Pope addressing followers, a once in a lifetime experience. St. Peter's Square, with a giant obelisk at the center, welcomes you to the cultural capital of Rome. Grab the beautiful sight of two fountains on each edge of the Square and the Catholic saints' status with balustrades above the columns. There are 50+ museums in the Vatican City, which exhibit catholic and Italian culture. Explore, the Capitoline Museums, Vatican Museums, and Borghese Gallery here that portray Roman statues and inscriptions.

2. Colosseum, Rome

Vatican City

The gigantic architectural marvel is among the top places to visit in Rome. The Colosseum is an oval elliptical amphitheater that stumbled to earthquake and fire incidents. It is a masterpiece of engineering and structural design symbolising imperial Rome. The marvellous beauty of the Colosseum won the title of heritage site by UNESCO in 1980.The place welcomes tourists throughout the year, however Good Friday is special. Every year on the said day, Pope leads a torchlit 'Way of the Cross' population that commences from near the Colosseum.

3. Roman Forum, Rome

Roman Forum

Next to Colosseum is Roman Forum, the rectangle-pizza was once a marketplace for the locals. Roman Forum was the place for social and political events in ancient time. The primeval building structures and monuments in the surroundings depict Roman Empire and Republic. It is the popular Rome tourist attraction, as its architectural beauty offers a breathtaking view.

4. The Palatine Hill, Rome

Spanish Steps

The last leg included in the entry pass of the Colosseum is Palatial Hill. It is one of the seven hills in Rome and offers a striking view of the city skyline. One of the top tourist spots in Rome to visit has a cave at the peak. The place is also the birthplace of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

The Palatine Hill was a palatial complex for royal families and Government officials. So, when you visit the Colosseum, don't skip the magnificent Palatine Hill, which resonates with royal power and supremacy.

5. Spanish Steps, Rome

Spanish Steps

It is the next landmark in the list of top places to visit in Rome Italy. Originally (Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti), has 135 steps that lead you to Trinità dei Monti church at the highest peak. The Renaissance architecture and church at the top make it one of the top tourist attractions in Rome.

In 1973, Etienne Gueffer, a French diplomat, built Spanish steps to connect the Bourbon Spanish Embassy and the Trinita dei Monti church at the top with the Holy See in Palazzo Monaldechi below. Thousands of travellers visit the giant stairs and capture the ancient art and cultural impressions every year.

6. The Pantheon, Rome

The Pentheon

Often known as the 'Temple of Gods', was rebuilt by Hadrian in 126AD and is one of the preserved Roman buildings across the globe. The grand frontage of granite with columns has a dome-shaped structure. One of the popular tourist spots in Rome is a church dedicated to St. Mary and the Martyrs from the 07th century is known as "Santa Maria Rotonda".

It is a state property managed by Italy's Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism through the Polo Museale del Lazio. Tourists from all over the world come to spectate the magnificent design.

7. Piazza del Campidoglio (Capitol Square), Rome

Piazza del Campidoglio (Capitol Square)

One of the best sites to visit in Rome is Capitol Square. Climb the stairs of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II to be at the square. Michelangelo designed the place that was once the political epicenter of Rome. The Capitoline Wolf statue, the one with the mythical she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, is the best thing to spectate here.

Also, you can visit The Palazzo Senatorio or Senatorial Palace. Discover The Palazzo dei Conservatori and experience the stunning Roman art and history. Piazza del Campidoglio is one of the top tourist spots in Rome to visit this year.

8. Pyrgos, Santorini Island

Pyrgos, Santorini Island

One of the top places to visit in Santorini is Pyrgos. The place was once the home to an old fortress in the middle of the island and near Fira. However, earthquakes and other calamities have torn it into pieces. Enjoy the majestic vibe at the Holy Trihari celebration here and spectate the candlelight illumination around the village. Pyrgos at Santorini Island is a romantic getaway for couples to welcome New Year in style.

9. Oia, Santorini Island


Relive the Khuda Jaane song moment with your loved one here. The white-washed bungalows dazzle like a diamond as sunshine drops onto them. Situated at a short distance from the coast of Fira, it is a must visit place in Santorini this New Year. Walk down the tranquil streets of white bungalows at Oia and capture memories to be cherished lifelong. Drench yourself in the picture-perfect ambiance of the city while goring on delicacies at the waterfront restaurants here. If you are an adventure lover, trail down the cliffs at Caldera.

10. Therasia


A paradise for nature lovers, Therasia is an off-beat location near Santorini Island, Greece. It is a land of volcanos in the Greek Cyclades. Located next to Santorini, the place is untouched by contemporariness. Thus, the serene landscape of nature steals the limelight. The enthralling geological developments and black beach fascinate here and have limited occupants. The scenic views welcome you to embrace tranquillity at its best. Thus, Therasia is one of the best places to visit in Santorini Island.

Well, celebrations are endless on our side and by the time you will be back home after party, we will come up with exciting blog reads to keep you posted about lifestyle, home decor, travel, dining and holistic way to live.

Stay tuned with us until we meet again!